Losing fat can be one of the hardest things to do, but thankfully, we all know there’s a way to do it – exercise. The thing is, how do you exercise to lose fat? There are many different ways to exercise, so which one will burn fat the most efficiently? This is what we will be exploring here.

How Do You Really Lose Fat?

I want to start off by explaining how losing fat works.

You consume a certain amount of calories everyday, and also use up a certain amount of calories everyday. When the amount of calories you burn is more than the amount of calories you consume, that is when your body starts to burn fat. That is how losing fat works, so to lose fat, you have to burn more calories than you take in.

Now some of you may want to lose fat in specific areas, so you may be wondering “How to lose arm fat?”, “How to lose back fat?” or “How to reduce thigh fat?”. The good news is, losing fat never takes place in only one area, so if you want to lose fat in your thighs, your usual full body workout will do the trick, but still, you will need to burn more calories than you consume. The question is, how do we do that?

Cardiovascular Exercise

Cardio exercises are exercises that raise your heart and breathing rates and improve the function of your heart, lungs and circulatory system. Examples of such exercises are jogging, swimming and even walking. Many people believe that cardio workouts can help you burn fat, because they burn calories, but the truth is, any exercise will help you burn calories.

However, cardio exercises do help in losing fat because studies have found that aerobic exercises such as swimming and jogging can increase your metabolism (The rate at which your body burns calories) for up to 8 hours after your workout.

As such, one way to lose fat can be to do more cardio workouts, but cardio workouts tend to be time consuming, and there is actually a better way to exercise to burn fat.

Weight Lifting

One more way to burn fat can be through weight lifting. Studies have shown that weight lifting can keep your metabolic rate at lightning speed for up to 24 hours after your exercise.

Why is that? Experts mainly attribute this to the fact that weight training builds muscle, and because bigger muscles require more energy, your body is more likely to continue burning calories in order to supply your muscle tissue. This is why weight lifting can help you lose fat. However, the best way to exercise to burn fat is in the next section.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

HIIT is by far the best way to exercise to lose fat. HIIT is an exercise principal that requires you to change up the intensity of your workout as you do it. An example of this is running at full speed for 20 seconds and then resting for a minute, and repeating it.

The reason why HIIT works better to improve your metabolic rate is because it triggers a reaction called the excess post exercise oxygen consumption or EPOC. Basically, this tricks your body into trying to compensate for the sudden burst by burning more calories during the rest intervals.

When you perform a HIIT workout, your body will tend to continue to work under the EPOC reaction for up to 36 hours after you train. This means that for a day and a half after your exercise routine, your body will continue to burn calories at a much faster rate.

According to research reported in the Journal of Applied Psychology, a typical HIIT session increases fat burning by about 36%, so if you’re lookign to lose fat, the best way to exercise is to do HIIT workouts.


HIIT workouts are the best ways to burn fat, but of course, on top of exercising, if you want to burn fat as fast as you can, you will need to boost your metabolism as much as possible, through metabolism boosting foods and drinks.

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