What is an online affiliate marketer? 

What is affiliate blogging?

What is an affiliate marketing blog?

This question can have two meanings. 

The first is asking for the definition of an Affiliate Marketing Blog.

The second is asking “What should an Affiliate Marketing Blog look like?”.

In this article, I will be covering both of those questions, so without further ado, let’s get started!

What Is Affiliate Blogging

First off, some of you may be wondering what Affiliate Blogging is, and what Affiliate Blogging is, is basically blogging to sell affiliate products. This means blogging about things with the goal of selling affiliate products. That’s all it is.

What Is An Affiliate Marketing Blog

Now for the second meaning. I’m guessing this is what most of you came here for. You want to know what an affiliate marketing blog looks like. Well first, we need to answer the question “What is an online affiliate marketer?”, because basically, an affiliate marketing blog is an online affiliate marketer’s blog!

In essence, an online affiliate marketer is anyone who does affiliate marketing online, and so an affiliate marketing blog is basically a blog that belongs to an online affiliate marketer who then uses it to promote affiliate products.

What The Blog Contains

Inside the blog, you can write any kind of content you want, as long as in the end, you manage to make affiliate sales. Now what kind of content then, makes affiliate sales?

The first kind is reviews. Before you buy affiliate products, how do you know whether they’re good? Of course, the website of the affiliate product will say it’s good, so you can’t trust it completely, so if you were someone looking to buy a certain affiliate product, where would you go to find out?

The answer is reviews. You would want to see whether others have gotten results right? So you would go to search for reviews on the product to hear from other people their experiences about the product. Then you would search for things like “[Affiliate product name] review”, and then read other people’s review about it, and let’s say you liked their review. Then you would click the link on their site and get the product, and they would make a commission. 

So all you have to do is be the person whose review they like, and whose website they buy the affiliate product from, and you’ll be making affiliate commissions in no time.

The second kind of content you can create is normal helpful articles. These are simple articles which are helpful to readers who come to your website. You can make affiliate sales through these articles by also promoting your affiliate product inside them, but not directly. 

You basically write an article which helps them achieve a particular aim, and then provide them with a product which helps them achieve that aim faster. Now this may be confusing, so here’s an example. You write an article on which exercises to do to lose weight. Then, at the end of the article, you provide a product which contains detailed workouts to lose weight. 

So you draw readers in with your article, and then sell your affiliate product to them.

And there you have it, those are your 2 types of content for affiliate marketing blogs.

How To Get Started

So now that you know which types of content to put out for your affiliate marketing blog, how can you get started?

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