What is anĀ affiliate marketing website?

Many beginning, and even advanced affiliate marketers have this question because they want to know what type of website they should create for affiliate marketing. Here, I will be showing you what is an affiliate site so that you know what kind of website you should be building. Without further ado, let’s get started.

What An Affiliate Website Does

So first off, what do affiliate websites do? Now I know this may sound very obvious, but it’s important you get your facts right so you don’t deviate off course when building your website.

Affiliate marketing websites basically help you make affiliate marketing sales. This means that they help you sell affiliate products that you are promoting.

What You Need To Include

As for what should be included inside your affiliate marketing website, at the very least, you should include these:

1. About Me

2. Privacy Policy

3. Contact

4. Affiliate Disclosure

5. Blog

Most of those are pretty self explanatory, except for Affiliate Disclosure and Blog, so I will be explaining only those two.

Affiliate Disclosure is basically a page letting your site visitors know that you are going to make a commission from the products which you promote on your site. It’s not a must, but it’s a gesture of goodwill and will create trust between your site and your visitors because you are openly letting them know that you make commissions from them.

As for the blog, your blog is basically the meat of your website. Consider everything else the skeleton, and your blog is the meat. It’s what’s going to get you visitors and help make you money. Without your blog, everything else is useless.

Now when I say blog, I mean it in a very loose sense. You don’t need to literally talk about your life and your goals and stuff. Your blog just refers to the articles that you put out. They can be about anything, not just about your life. As for what content you should be putting out, read on to find out.

What Type Of Content You Should Create

Now for affiliate sites, there mainly two types of content which affiliate marketers usually create.

The first type of content is reviews. Basically, you do reviews on the affiliate products that you are promoting. Many people will go online to search for reviews for certain products to learn more about these products and decide whether or not to get them. By creating reviews for these products, you are helping your visitors make informed decisions, and if readers are convinced that it is a good product after reading your review, they will buy it and you will make a commission.

One thing you have to be careful of is to avoid giving biased reviews. I see alot of websites out there giving very biased reviews on affiliate products, going on and on about how great and amazing the product is. Make sure you never do this because firstly, people can sense it and will lose trust in your review. Secondly, most affiliate products come from Clickbank, so they can be refunded. This means that if you led your visitors to buy a bad product by lying to them about how good it was, chances are, they’re gonna refund it and you won’t make any money anyway. Give an honest review about the product so that any sales you make will not be refunded and your website visitors will trust the content you put out in the future.

The second type of content is providing helpful information related to the products you are promoting. For example, if you were promoting a product that was helping people lose weight through workouts, you could write an article on the importance of workouts in losing weight, and at the end of the article, after convincing your readers of the importance of workouts in losing weight, tell them about the affiliate product that you are promoting. Since they are already convinced that workouts are important, their next question will be “So which workouts should I do?”, and that is when you tell them about your affiliate product.

So basically, ask yourself “What type of content would make my reader want to buy the affiliate product after reading it” and continue from there.

These are the two main types of content that will do the selling of your affiliate product for you. However, you do not need to limit yourself to only these two types of content. You can also write content with only the intention of helping your reader and without selling any affiliate products to them. These articles may not make you much money, but they help your site gain more authority and visitors, and visitors to your site will sometimes read other articles on your website too, so although these articles may not make sales, they may help you eventually get sales by creating a chance of your visitors reading other articles on your website which may then make sales for you.

What Is The Best Affiliate Marketing Website

Now some of you may be looking for a website to model after, and you might be looking for the best affiliate marketing website out there to get an idea of what your own site should look like. My advice is – Don’t. Why? When you don’t have a website to model after, it falls to your own curiosity to create an amazing and unique website. Your personality is another key factor that visitors will subconsciously consider when deciding whether or not to buy your affiliate products and trust your articles, or revisit your site. By copying others’ websites, you don’t give yourself a chance to be unique. Believe in yourself!

Still, it might be a little intimidating if you are creating a website for the first time, so if you really need to reference someone’s website, Body and Life Transformations is as good as any other website, so you can use this website as a reference.


Now that you know what an affiliate marketing website is, it’s time to create one! Let your own creativity blossom and make your very own unique website.

If you feel you need more help with creating an affiliate marketing website, you can create a free account at Wealthy Affiliate and access their free training. This free training should be enough for you to get your website up and running, but if you want to go full time into building an affiliate marketing website and make more money from it, I would suggest you get the premium training at Wealthy Affiliate. You can also check out my review for Wealthy Affiliate here.

With that, all the best in your affiliate marketing journey!

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