“Fact: If you can order a pizza, you can make money with this system!” – 12 Minute Affiliate

Those were the words that greeted me when I went onto the 12 Minute Affiliate sales page. Promising to teach you a really EASY way of making money that you’ve never seen before, 12 Minute Affiliate could not be more convincing. Despite this, being the cautious man that I am, I went around searching for reviews on it. After reading tons of good reviews about how the 12 Minute Affiliate system had helped its users make money, I finally decided that it was worth a try, so I got the program.

So how was it? Read on to find out.

Overview of Programme

Upon purchasing the program, you will be sent an email to login to the programme. Upon logging in, you will be taught how to use the system to make money, or so they claim. The system basically provides you with an affiliate link, and then prompts you to buy traffic to it, and according to the system, just like that, someone from that stream of traffic will buy the program from your link and you will make money. In theory, it should work right?

Sadly, the program only works in theory. (It is sad because I lost $200 USD buying traffic to the program). Following the instructions of the program, I got my affiliate link and bought $200 USD worth of traffic to it. For $200 USD of traffic, I got freaking 200 clicks. 200 CLICKs. The worst part is, these clicks weren’t even targeted. Targeted traffic means targeting people who are most likely to buy your program by showing ads only to those who are specifically searching for your program. For example, if you’re selling a slimming program, then you could target those who are searching for “How to slim down” on Google, which gives you a much higher chance of making a sale than just showing it to any random person, which is exactly what the program does. With such random people clicking on the link, it is no wonder I did not get a single sale. P.s. You can get 200 clicks of targeted traffic for less than $50 USD on Bing Ads. 

However, I would say the program isn’t completely bogus. It does have some, albeit very little, strengths. Before you buy it, you should consider very carefully whether you really want to get it by reading my detailed breakdown of it below.

The Strengths

1) The amount of money that you would make from a single sale using their link is a lot.

2) It shows you how affiliate marketing works, so that as a beginner affiliate marketer, you see clearly how affiliate marketing is done.

3) Actually, that’s about it. Now moving on to the bad parts.

The Bad

1) Although the amount of money that you would make from a single sale is a lot, it is unlikely that you will make even a single sale. Even if you do, you will likely have bought so much traffic just go get that one sale that you won’t profit from it at all and would more likely have made a net loss.

2) The price for traffic is insanely high! At $1 USD per click, it’s about 4-5 times higher than normal paid traffic.

3) Although it does roughly show you how affiliate marketing works in general, it teaches you none of the skills needed to be a successful affiliate marketer, such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), audience targeting, choosing winning products, writing ad copy, etc etc. It literally just tells you to buy traffic to a link. That’s all. This is one of the worst and most costly affiliate marketing courses I have seen.

4) The traffic you buy to your link is very unlikely to buy your program. The traffic that the course sells is completely untargeted, which means anyone could visit your program. Now at first glance this seemms good, because that means you can reach more people with your program right? However, if someone who was scrolling around for dog food saw your advertisement for a money making program and decided it might be a good idea to check it out, they likely wouldn’t buy it as compared to someone who was searching for “How to make money online”, who is much more likely to buy the program after clicking on it.

5) It is basically useless for anyone looking to learn affiliate marketing and even more useless for anyone looking to make money

Conclusion – Should You Get It?

No. This is one of the worst affiliate marketing programs you can ever buy, so stay away from it. It is an absolute scam. If for any reason however, you decide that maybe I was doing it wrong and you want to try it out for yourself, you can get it from here at $9.95 USD.

Personally, I hate this program and really hope you don’t make the same mistake as me. If you want to learn affiliate marketing and make money, I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate. I personally use Wealthy Affiliate and you can read my review on it here.

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