Promising to help you “Start selling affiliate products today, become your own boss, and gain independence”, among many other claims and at only $49.99 SGD, Affiliate Marketing In 1 Day: Home Business Success 2020 has got to be the dream course for anyone looking to start affiliate marketing… or so I thought. It sounds like the most amazing course in the world, and to be fair, it does have its share of strengths, but whether it can really help you make money with affiliate marketing is another matter. In this review, I will present my honest opinion and experience with this program.

Good Points

1) It shows you free ways that you can use to really promote affiliate products for absolutely no cost at all.

2) It shows you how to create Facebook and Google Ads to promote your affiliate products.

3) It does teach you how email marketing works and how to apply it to your affiliate marketing business.

4) It teaches you what the different symbols mean in Clickbank so that you can choose products that are likely to make sales.

Bad Points

1) The free methods to promote affiliate products are very unreliable and take a lot of work with no results to show for it. You will find yourself giving up after wasting about 1 week of posting on reddit and quora to try and get people to see your posts and click on your affiliate link and then hopefully buy the product. In the end, you will have no sales at all.

2) All of the content covered are very very basic. When I say the program teaches you how to create Facebook Ads and Google Ads, I mean that the program literally shows you the basics of creating Facebook and Google Ads like where you key in your title, where to key in your description, and what “budget” means in Facebook and Google Ads. It doesn’t touch on how to write the ad copy at all, how much to spend for your ads, or even where to place your ads. It just walks you through the technical aspect of creating ads, so it is literally of no help at all since the technical part is literally common sense.

3) The one proper way to promote your affiliate products that I agree with that he includes in the course, blogging, is barely touched on in the course.

4) The entire course is too broad and tries to include too many ways to promote your affiliate product, so it does not do a good job of going in-depth into any one method, resulting in a whole bunch of methods to promote your affiliate product that you barely know what to do with.

Should You Get It?

I personally used the course, and got absolutely zero results from it. As you know, I am constantly looking for ways to make more money, and so I never give up on any chance to make money. I tried every single method inside there (execpt the blog one because I myself am already doing it), and sad to say, not a single one of them made me any money at all, because the free methods did not make me any sales at all despite me spending about an hour a day on them, and as for the paid ones that did make me sales, the amount spent on them more than cancelled out the money made from any sales.

In conclusion, this course is absolutely useless other than teaching you how to identify a product on Clickbank that other affiliates are making sales from (You can easily do this by looking at the Gravity), so should you get it? Definitely not.

Instead, if you want to learn how to make money, I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate. It’s free to try out, and you won’t need a credit card to sign up, so click here to check it out now! If you want to read my review on it, click here.

I hope I have provided a clear picture of this program, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask them below in the comments section. All the best in your money making journey!

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