With the rise of Social Media, more and more businesses are looking to Social Media to help their brand gain visibility and establish their brand, among many other goals.

However, the owners of these businesses are often not Social Media savvy, and even if they were, their time would be better spent on managing their businesses rather than on managing their Social Media accounts. Despite that, the potential of Social Media is unlimited, and cannot be ignored. This is why many businesses are prepared to hire SMMs to expand their businesses.

Paid Social Media Jobs basically claims to help you make money through being a Social Media Manager, but read on to find out whether it really delivers its claims. Here is my unfiltered Paid Social Media Jobs Review.

What It Contains

After paying for the program, I was sent an email with my login details and upon logging in to my account, I was given two options – to take the Social Media Manager path or to take the Social Media Affiliate path.

The Social Media Manager path contains training on how to become a Social Media Manager and where to find such jobs, and the Social Media Affiliate path basically gives you a way to promote affiliate products that supposedly gurantees that your affiliate products will get more sales without spending more (I cannot disclose the method because it’s unique to the program).

However, these claims are pretty exaggerated. That said, it does have some good parts, and I will now present what I hope is a complete review of the program.

The Good Parts About It

1) It does actually teach you the skills and knowledge that you will need to manage Social Media accounts for businesses.

2) It actually shows you where you can find jobs as a Social Media Manager.

3) It has a 60-day money back guarantee, so you can actually test it out to see if it fits your needs as no risk at all.

The Dark Side of It

1) You will not be hired. Although it does show you where you can find jobs as a Social Media Manager, it is actually very unlikely that you will get those jobs, because there will be many people bidding for the same jobs, and these other people are usually experienced freelancers who already have many reviews and a large portfolio of past jobs, so of course you will never be hired for those jobs. After all, why hire you, who they don’t know anything about if they can hire someone who has already been proven to be good?

2) The Social Media Affiliate tool which is supposed to help you get more sales without spending more actually doesn’t work, because I myself have tried it out and it did not help me get more sales. In fact, it got me even fewer sales, because most people did not even make it to the sales funnel when I used that method.

3) It’s wayyyyy too exaggerated. I’ll give it to you straight. Unless you have at least 100 five-star reviews on freelanacer or any other freelancing site that Paid Social Media Jobs recommends, you are not going to get hired for any job that pays above $5 per hour or even get hired at all.

4) It is very time consuming and will likely yield no results at all. After I completed the program, I spent 2 hours a day for 3 days straight just looking for jobs using the sites they recommended and writing proposals and cover letters to bid for those jobs, and after all that, I did not even get hired for any of them. On top of that, all the jobs that I bidded for were low paying and labelled as “Beginner” jobs, and I still did not get hired for a single on of those jobs.


So should you get the program? In short, unless you are someone looking to learn Social Media Management for your own business, no. The program over promises and under delivers, one of the most common happenings that I see for a lot of online programs nowadays because they just want to make people buy their courses.

So is Paid Social Media Jobs legit? Well, I wouldn’t exactly say it’s a scam, but well, it doesn’t really deliver. With this, I will end off, and I hope this review helped you decide whether or not to get Paid Social Media Jobs

P.s. The program costs $27 USD.

If you are looking instead for a program which I myself have tested and still use to this very day, I recommend you check out Wealthy Affiliate. It’s completely free to use until you decide to upgrade, so you can create your free membership here or read my review for it here.


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